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Tips to Build Stronger Talent Management

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Different organizations have different talent management needs, but somehow, they all boil to one goal – get the best talents and make sure that they stay. The following tips would allow any talent management agency to make sure that it is reaching that specific objective.

Be Aware of the Talent that You Need

One of the worst mistakes that the human resources department can make is to be not aware of what kind of personnel is missing from the organization that it serves. Some fail to recognize that recruitment is not just all about hiring another employee; rather, it is to get the best individual that is most likely to succeed within the organization. At the same time, it is also to be aware of the kind of individuals that head hunters would go after.

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At the same time, the awareness of the needed talent would also allow the management to devise training and assessment strategies that can allow existing talent to mold into the kind of employee that they need to fill in positions. It would also allow the management to understand the potential of the personnel that they already have, which makes them offer more career options for their top players.

Realize Strengths

Assessments are done to discover two things – the strengths and weaknesses of a talent. Discovering the strengths of an individual and putting focus on what he can do would make a bigger difference than exposing one’s weaknesses. It is better to find out how a person can be a zero-to-hero phenomenon than the other way around.

Realizing what a person can possibly good at allows a person to not only retain a talent, but also do help him develop himself to such a point that he becomes a very valuable asset. It is always better for the organization how it can use its personnel in certain positions, and it is the talent manager’s job to make sure that employees know where they are useful. That knowledge alone drives them to improve their weak points and develop the strong ones.

Make Room for Diversity

Any talent management department should understand that not all talented individuals are groomed the same way – one way or another, they all became skilled assets because of differing factors, and there is no single way for them to develop within an organization. When managers recognize that there would be some talents that can be underrepresented for factors that they cannot control, they devise different ways in order for them to find out the true skills of these talents. By discovering the unique way of honing their skills, they would be able to be noticed and further grow. At the same time, it also makes these individuals understand their value in the organization they belong to.

Make the Talent Aware of the Challenges

Not all talents, no matter how they good they are in their jobs, are aware of what they can contribute to the growth of their organization. For this reason, managers should aim to always make talents know what is missing within the group. This prompts the employee to look for ways to develop new skills to fill in that void, and allow them to realize that they have leadership skills.

Excellent talent management involves awareness of not only how an employee can do his job well, but also the anticipation of what he can possibly do in the future. Being able to have accountability as a member of an organization to make sure that there are no stones unturned in pursuit of success are a mark that a talent is willing to work along with the business goals and fit into the company’s culture.