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10 Designs for Customized Rubber Bracelets

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Bracelets are common accessories worn by both men and women. Today, wearing rubber bracelets has become a trend to promote a brand or spread awareness. Some people wear it to show support to campaigns while others wear it to make a fashion statement. There are various types of silicone bracelets people can choose from in the market. In this list are the common types of bracelets to choose from.

1. Debossed

Text and logo designs in debossed wristbands are directly embedded into the bracelet. There is no worry that the design would fade in time. This is the most popular type of wristband sold in the market today. Debossed designs are also good to look at. They are clean and simple, making them suitable for a subtle way of campaigning or spreading awareness. It is also great to promote brands with it.

2. Embossed


Instead of engraving the designs in the bracelet, embossed wristbands raised the designs to make them stand out more. The texture added to the bracelet makes it much livelier to look at compared to debossed wristbands. It is a great way to deviate from the standard debossed wristband style.

3. Color Filled

To stand out more, text and designs can be filled with color. To create a much livelier feel to debossed bracelets, different colors are added to the text and logo areas. With this, the bracelets are visible and can be read from a distance. The design colors can also represent company or brand to make it more memorable.

4. Color Coated

To create sides with different colors, the outside part of the band is coated with paint. The text and logo designs are then engraved to the bracelet, letting the original color of the bracelet show through them. It is simple and innovative. It is great to have a sharp contrast between the color of the band and the paint to make it stand out more.

5. Silk Screened

The silkscreen process is perfect for rubber bracelets with intricate designs. If the bracelet would have a logo in it, then it is best to choose a silk screened wristband. The requested design or logo is printed directly into the bracelet, so the desired design will show as long as it fits the bracelet size. Compared to the color filled bracelets however, silk screened bracelets do not last long. There is a greater possibility that the design will fade or chip away. However, silkscreen is cheaper and a great alternative all together.

6. Segmented

This type of rubber bracelet has two or three colors in it. It is great for brands and companies with multiple colors to represent them. Segmented wristbands are usually used during sports meets where teams represent their respective country’s colors. It can also complete your fashion statement.

7. Swirled

The tie dyed look is provided with the swirled type of rubber bracelet. Two or three colors of choice can be swirled together to create that refreshing and earthy look. This type of bracelet is great for outdoor groups or companies that deal with outdoor sports and recreation like trekking and rafting.

8. One Inch

Rubber bracelets also come in bigger sizes. The 1-inch bracelet is perfect for those who want to have a larger design in their wristbands. This type of bracelet also allows a bigger space to make the design less crowded. It also looks unique. One inch bracelets are popular among bands and musicians. They are often sold in concerts or given away as freebies.

9. 3/4 Inch

A quarter inch less than the one inch wristband is also available in the market. If the one inch bracelet is too large for the design and the half inch too little, then the ¾ inch bracelet is just about perfect. It gives the design space and gives bracelet a character at the same time. This type of wristband is also popular in music stores and concerts.

10. Micro Bands

Micro bands are half the size of the standard rubber bracelets. This is great for those who prefer smaller sized bracelets. Micro bands’ designs are silkscreened into them. The disadvantage of the micro band is its text and design visibility. In order to stand out more, it is recommended to choose neon colors for the band.

The bracelet design is basically divided into three categories – design placement, color and size. It is best to mix and match these rubber bracelet design types to create a unique band that will represent the brand, company or campaign. These ten types of designs will help people in the customization of their own rubber bracelets. There are shops available both online and in local areas that will help in building these type of bracelets for those interested in making their own designs. For those who want ready-made ones that support their favorite artist or brand, they can get it from various shops and events offering these items.