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How Did Custom Embroidered Patches Become Popular

Friday, May 6th, 2016

There are no clear records as to when custom embroidered patches started, but the art of embroidery has started before the 1800s. Those were the times when machines were not yet invented so tasks are entirely done by hand. Skilled sewers have developed different kinds of stitches to create an embroidered piece; some of these stitches are running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, straight stitch, and satin stitch.

Running stitch is the most basic form of embroidery. Back stitch produce secured finish. Chain stitch is one of the most commonly used because of its elegant finish. Satin stitch also creates an elegant finish but it is the most intricate and tedious among the bunch. Embroidery by hand can really take a long time to complete so inventors began to come up with a sewing machine by the start of the 1880s.Custom Embroidered Patche

The first sewing machine was invented by Alphonse Kursheedt. The machine, however, is not fully automated. It was a combination of hand embroidery and looms. During the beginning of the Industrial Age, Isaak Groebli had invented another kind of sewing machine which he called the Schiffli Embroidery Machine. This machine contains multiple needles of varying sizes and threads. The needles sew in a synchronize manner to thread in the designated design to a fabric backing.

The sewing machine has enabled mass production of embroidered items such as clothes, pillow cases, hats, table cloth, decorative pieces, and custom embroidered patches. Patches have not become popular immediately after the development of embroidery machines. They were then simply part of an outfit which is not really of significance. That is until they were adopted by the military for a specific and significant purpose.

Patches as SSIs

In a battlefield where all soldiers carry almost the same weapon and wear almost the same camouflage uniform, have you ever wonder if they sometimes mistaken the identities of their enemies or ally? They might have done it before 1812. It was in that year when different military units established the use of patches. They wore them on the left shoulders of their uniform and called them Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. SSIs were used to denote the units a soldier belongs to.

SSIs were significantly used in World War I, Mexican War, Civil War, and World War II. The patches feature different images and logos. Each image symbolizes certain meanings that give soldiers inspiration to give their best in their every battle.

Patch Collecting

Military patches are one of the targets of patch collectors. It is because the custom embroidered patches used by soldiers carry stories of courage, honor, loyalty, strength, and vigor. They also signify the different wars that took place before most patch collectors were born.

Patch enthusiasts also collect police patches, fire department patches, scouting patches, and motorcycle clubs patches. They find it exciting to discover rare patches that have become once symbolic.

Patches in Garments Manufacturing

Mass production of patches occurred when different garments manufacturing companies used them to brand their products. They wanted to make their brand pops out of the article of clothing so they search for a material that could do the trick. Because custom embroidered patches used two materials, a fabric backing and threads which are layered above the backing, they were able to produce what the companies were aiming for.

Garments companies create their own patches containing their brand name and logo. These new addition to their products were applied to shirts, bags, hats, jackets, and jeans. Soon after, sports equipment companies have also adopted the branding technique for their jerseys, shorts, and shoes.

Organizational Patches

Businessmen have seen the potential of patches to be stand-alone products. They were great promotional devices. They were easy to make. They were definitely profitable; thus, the birth of many patches manufacturing companies. These companies find ways to offer their customers different customization to help them achieve their purpose in purchasing patches and also to compete with the other patches manufacturers.

These companies cater to different organizations such as universities, hospitals, private companies, government agencies, clubs, sports teams, scouts, and fraternities. They create patches that feature the logo of these organizations. Over time, they were able to come up with some other processes in applying a given design to the patches like dye sublimation and weaving.

The popularity of custom patches is not expected to subside any time soon. In fact, they are just starting to show their a-game in the market.

Custom patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost.Custom patches and iron on patches developed exactly to your group’s design specifications are all we do.

10 Designs for Customized Rubber Bracelets

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Bracelets are common accessories worn by both men and women. Today, wearing rubber bracelets has become a trend to promote a brand or spread awareness. Some people wear it to show support to campaigns while others wear it to make a fashion statement. There are various types of silicone bracelets people can choose from in the market. In this list are the common types of bracelets to choose from.

1. Debossed

Text and logo designs in debossed wristbands are directly embedded into the bracelet. There is no worry that the design would fade in time. This is the most popular type of wristband sold in the market today. Debossed designs are also good to look at. They are clean and simple, making them suitable for a subtle way of campaigning or spreading awareness. It is also great to promote brands with it.

2. Embossed


Instead of engraving the designs in the bracelet, embossed wristbands raised the designs to make them stand out more. The texture added to the bracelet makes it much livelier to look at compared to debossed wristbands. It is a great way to deviate from the standard debossed wristband style.

3. Color Filled

To stand out more, text and designs can be filled with color. To create a much livelier feel to debossed bracelets, different colors are added to the text and logo areas. With this, the bracelets are visible and can be read from a distance. The design colors can also represent company or brand to make it more memorable.

4. Color Coated

To create sides with different colors, the outside part of the band is coated with paint. The text and logo designs are then engraved to the bracelet, letting the original color of the bracelet show through them. It is simple and innovative. It is great to have a sharp contrast between the color of the band and the paint to make it stand out more.

5. Silk Screened

The silkscreen process is perfect for rubber bracelets with intricate designs. If the bracelet would have a logo in it, then it is best to choose a silk screened wristband. The requested design or logo is printed directly into the bracelet, so the desired design will show as long as it fits the bracelet size. Compared to the color filled bracelets however, silk screened bracelets do not last long. There is a greater possibility that the design will fade or chip away. However, silkscreen is cheaper and a great alternative all together.

6. Segmented

This type of rubber bracelet has two or three colors in it. It is great for brands and companies with multiple colors to represent them. Segmented wristbands are usually used during sports meets where teams represent their respective country’s colors. It can also complete your fashion statement.

7. Swirled

The tie dyed look is provided with the swirled type of rubber bracelet. Two or three colors of choice can be swirled together to create that refreshing and earthy look. This type of bracelet is great for outdoor groups or companies that deal with outdoor sports and recreation like trekking and rafting.

8. One Inch

Rubber bracelets also come in bigger sizes. The 1-inch bracelet is perfect for those who want to have a larger design in their wristbands. This type of bracelet also allows a bigger space to make the design less crowded. It also looks unique. One inch bracelets are popular among bands and musicians. They are often sold in concerts or given away as freebies.

9. 3/4 Inch

A quarter inch less than the one inch wristband is also available in the market. If the one inch bracelet is too large for the design and the half inch too little, then the ¾ inch bracelet is just about perfect. It gives the design space and gives bracelet a character at the same time. This type of wristband is also popular in music stores and concerts.

10. Micro Bands

Micro bands are half the size of the standard rubber bracelets. This is great for those who prefer smaller sized bracelets. Micro bands’ designs are silkscreened into them. The disadvantage of the micro band is its text and design visibility. In order to stand out more, it is recommended to choose neon colors for the band.

The bracelet design is basically divided into three categories – design placement, color and size. It is best to mix and match these rubber bracelet design types to create a unique band that will represent the brand, company or campaign. These ten types of designs will help people in the customization of their own rubber bracelets. There are shops available both online and in local areas that will help in building these type of bracelets for those interested in making their own designs. For those who want ready-made ones that support their favorite artist or brand, they can get it from various shops and events offering these items.

Get Your Brand Name Known with Neck Lanyards

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Neck lanyards are simple but definitely effective marketing tools used by most businesses today. Companies need to have an excellent promotional campaign to be able to let the public gain awareness of their products and/or services. Marketing strategies can be tricky sometimes, not to mention expensive.

With corporate items like lanyards, your company is assured that you get your message across to your target audience. Neck lanyards are simple promotional tools that can be worn around the neck. They are usually made from plastic, vinyl, or woven materials.


A lanyard is just a cord that can be lugged around the neck, shoulder, or wrist. Its purpose is to hold important items like ID cards, badges, and name tags. They are visible to everyone which allows your company to reach a wider audience.


Lanyards have long been used for identification cards. However, they have evolved into a more versatile office tool. They are now used for name tags. Some people use them for their cellular phones, keys, and other small items that are often misplaced. No longer should one worry about misplacing these items or overstuffing their bags to look for them.

Double Purpose

Neck lanyards

Giving neck lanyards to employees and/or customers as giveaways or tokens hits two birds with one stone. Aside from making them feel that the company is concerned about their comfort and needs, your company name/logo becomes visible to everyone that the wearer comes in contact with. Your advertisement would be working for you even after the recipients got them.

Give Employees Pride

Customized neck lanyards give your employees a sense of pride and belongingness to a particular company. Employees would proudly wear their lanyards with your company logo, especially if they encounter friends and colleagues from other companies with ordinary-looking lanyards.

Customized lanyards give them a sense of identity. These lanyards also encourage loyalty of your employees to your company. This is good for your company because productivity might increase and this will result in further growth of your business.

The Best Marketing Tool

Businesses customize their lanyards by having their company name and/or logo imprinted or weaved on the lanyards. Customizing them to give as corporate gifts does not require a lot of work.

Companies show their existing and target customers that they care and value their patronage by giving them their needs. Giving corporate gift items to their customers can be considered as the best marketing tool without having to use up your limited company budget. This is because people, no matter how small and simple the tokens are like to receive something free.

The usefulness of these giveaways is one reason enough as to why recipients will remember your brand name. Lanyards provide you with the name recall that you need.


Lanyards work because they are inexpensive and yet fulfill their purpose of promoting your brand name.

Some companies fail with their marketing strategies because they assume that giving free gifts to customers needs to be expensive. However, these companies fail to realize the fact that people welcome free items, no matter how small they may be.

Create Great Impact through Neck Lanyards

There is some truth to what some people say that small things usually create more impact. If employees are given promotional lanyards, it creates in them a high level of responsibility and seriousness in terms of how they see their roles in the organization. These two factors, responsibility and seriousness, can work to your company’s advantage.

Your company gains an upper hand in getting high profile customers to trust your brand. As your company is able to build a better reputation, this also opens more doors for investors to take an interest on your business.

To this day Neck Lanyards are still increasing in popularity and have become an essential security component of many businesses.

Attachments in Your Lanyards

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Every lanyard must have an attachment to carry your knick-knacks in place. These metal attachments are highly essential as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and preferences, here is a list of lanyard hardware that suits you and your personality.

The most common lanyard hardware of all is the J-Hook. You can choose from different sizes and styles as they come in swivel and non-swivel materials to be added in your custom lanyards. They can be used to hold objects with round attachment holes including keys, identification cards even pens and cell phones. You name it.Custom Lanyards

Online businesses are booming with their lanyard companies and have the traditional bulldog clips which are designed to hold objects having oblong-shaped attachment holes. These are available in various shapes and sizes as well. You can definitely make use of them as an effective hardware attachment.

Additionally, split rings are also another way of completing your custom lanyards. Primarily, you can use this to hold your keys yet you have other ways to take advantage of this piece of metal. In a nutshell, this attachment is used to attach other holders like the bulldog clip and badge reels.

The quick-release which looks more of a pocket-size buckle is your best choice when you prefer attaching and detaching the items from your custom lanyards. It’s as simple as squeezing the sides of it pushing it away or into the slot. This attachment has the “attach-detach” feature as well, yet found at the opposite side and to prop you up in removing your lanyard from your neck or wrist.

Another astonishing attachment that you can select is the slide size adjuster. It is installed at the top portion of your custom lanyards to help you adjust its length. You can easily shorten or lengthen the position of the object which is best when you are up to different tasks. In conjunction to that, two of the highly popular adjusters are the double-barrel slide and the bead. Either of the two would be highly versatile to your busy day.

Furthermore, a phone call or an email that you need to send is easily accessible with the cell phone holders. This attachment is similar to the quick-release buckle yet smaller. It comes with a nylon loop for you to slide into your phone. Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular. With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.

For you out there who are fond of the outdoors, the water bottle holder is a keeper. It comes with a rubber ring which is a highly durable material that can hold up to one liter of bottle. Aside from that, it has a ring made of rubber which is sewn to your custom lanyard—a favorable way to carry your refreshments around and still look stylish.

Finally, the breakaway connectors can also be chosen for your lanyard. These are also called safety lanyards that could easily come off your neck. This comes in male-female connectors that are made of plastic. The type of connector would depend on the type of lanyard you chose.

All in all, you may opt for the simple ones or anything that would be more useful to you. Once you picked your attachment, that’s the time you place your order. Just take note that all their products are made of high-quality materials and are available in the United States or around the globe. Hundreds of customers are truly satisfied with the products from top online printing companies.


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Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular.With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.