5 Things All Clients Need to Know Before Hiring an Article Writer

The hiring process of article writers is easier than validating their competence, professionalism, and honesty. Hence, you have to be prepared even before you hire someone. Here are five things that all clients need to know before hiring article writers.

1.An article writing company is different from an internet marketing company.

An article writer from a writing company may be able to write about marketing subjects, but it can be limited to research and broader topics. An internet marketing company, on the other hand, has SEO writers and other marketing specialists who can provide copies that can be used for various internet marketing strategies. You may want to inquire from an article writing company if you are just looking for general copies and researched materials for web content, and inquire from an internet marketing company if you require copies to be used for SEO and SEM marketing, email marketing, advertising, and sales.

2.Direct payment transactions with an article writer may not be the best idea.

There are scammers all over the web. A client should never pay up front without receiving the copies he ordered first. These copies should meet the requirements and standards to make sure that the objective of the partnership is achieved.

On the contrary, there are also a lot of scamming clients who do not pay for their orders. Hence, many legit article writers are not willing to send their outputs without receiving their payments first.

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The compromise is arranged by an escrow agent. This can be a freelancing site, a job board, or an escrow company that keep payments until clients verify that they have received the copies they ordered. This way, an article writer can secure his earning and a client can also receive guaranteed quality.

Escrow agents have validation procedures that allow both parties to file complaints and make them permanent records (for possible blacklisting) when proven. These escrow agents also serve as the classified ads where clients and freelancers can coordinate with one another.

3.Titles are self-appointed positions.

An article writer that claims he is an SEO writer is likely to be uncertified. Most freelancers are. The specific titles of writers are usually based on the niche that they specialize in, or simply put, the niche that they have been writing about for a long time already. Their competencies are typically self-evaluated, but there are a lot of freelancers who can support their claims with commendations from repeat clients, certifications, portfolios, and awards.

Don’t believe the titles right away because like what most advertisements are, claims are not always real.

4.Sample works are not always sample works.

It’s easy for anyone to send a sample article and claim that it is his own writing. There are a lot of downloadable samples online that cannot be detected by Copyscape verification. Hence, don’t ask the writer to send a canned sample at all. Instead, ask him to write a sample based on your requirements and preferred deadline. This way, you can verify if he really is what claims to be, plus you can already gauge his professionalism.

Not all writers may agree to this, especially if you are just ordering one or two articles. However, this should be a required procedure if you are giving an opportunity for long-term employment.

5.Good article writers are not necessarily good copy editors.

It’s hard for article writers to become absolutely objective when editing their outputs because it’s hard to tell themselves that they are wrong. They also write based on understanding, so how can they rectify something that is really wrong but they see as right?

If you need copies for business or if you are hiring writers for a long-term project, it is recommended that you also hire a copy editor to help you with quality checking. This is the best way to maintain good quality for your website.

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