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What to Consider When Shopping for a Storage Container

Friday, January 30th, 2015


Storage containers are also known as freight containers. An organized way of shopping for a Storage container can save you time and effort. The question is: how are you going to do this? It’s simple. All you need to do is consider the following factors:


Even before you look for a freight container, you already have an idea as to where you are going to use it. Some buyers shop first before laying out a plan regarding the modification and use of the freight container. By doing so, they were not able to make the most out of their purchased storage containers

Businessmen shop for storage containers to have a place to keep their items – be it products, raw materials or even waste. Apart from storage, these can also be utilized to ensure a secured shipment of goods and waste alike.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the storage containers. With creativity and modification, a Storage container can be transformed into another room. It can be attached to your home. It can also be designed as a stand-alone structure.

Storage container

Knowing its use will help you determine which size is right for your needs. The smaller ones are the best choices for restrooms and storage. On the other hand, the longer storage containers can be transformed into mobile homes. A living room, half kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and restroom can fit easily in a 40 ft. long freight container. The typical 20 ft. long storage containers can accommodate several home areas as well if space-saving schemes are employed.

Previous Utility

Due to the higher prices of newly-made and slightly used storage containers, the secondhand storage containers are the available options for buyers who want to save money. Being secondhand items does not necessarily entail less quality products and more prone to hazards. If you want to improve the quality and guarantee your safety, you can ask about the history of the freight container.

Avoid freight containers that are previously used to ship meat and other animal products. These tend to have intolerable smell even after years of non-use. If the inside of the freight container smells unpleasant, don’t buy it. There is a great chance that the smell won’t go away easily. If you buy it, the smell will be a hassle even to workers who will do the modification of the freight container. You may even need a lot of air fresheners as well.

Aside from meat products, you have to stay away from storage containers that contained some fresh goods such as fruits and vegetables. These may also leave strong smell behind, especially if there are rotten goods.

Most of all, don’t consider freight containers that shipped waste before. This kind of freight containers can expose you to chemicals and pathogens alike.

The best Storage container to buy is one that is previously used to ship dry goods. These dry goods include bags, school supplies, and kitchen wares. Avoid storage containers used to ship secondhand personal items such as clothes and shoes. These items may leave microorganisms as well.

Modifications Needed

Modifications are done to make your Storage container the most suitable solution to your needs. However, these can also consumer much of your budget.

Before modifying anything, repairs must be done first. Holes should be sealed or patched. Rust should be removed. Ventilation should be made available. You may also need to apply another layer of paint to make it more pleasant-looking.

State and Federal Laws Regarding Storage Containers

Make sure you are allowed to use a Storage container in your area. Aside from that, there are also laws stating the requirements you need to meet to be able to buy, use and modify a freight container. Some of these requirements are space and inspection.


Attachments in Your Lanyards

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Every lanyard must have an attachment to carry your knick-knacks in place. These metal attachments are highly essential as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and preferences, here is a list of lanyard hardware that suits you and your personality.

The most common lanyard hardware of all is the J-Hook. You can choose from different sizes and styles as they come in swivel and non-swivel materials to be added in your custom lanyards. They can be used to hold objects with round attachment holes including keys, identification cards even pens and cell phones. You name it.Custom Lanyards

Online businesses are booming with their lanyard companies and have the traditional bulldog clips which are designed to hold objects having oblong-shaped attachment holes. These are available in various shapes and sizes as well. You can definitely make use of them as an effective hardware attachment.

Additionally, split rings are also another way of completing your custom lanyards. Primarily, you can use this to hold your keys yet you have other ways to take advantage of this piece of metal. In a nutshell, this attachment is used to attach other holders like the bulldog clip and badge reels.

The quick-release which looks more of a pocket-size buckle is your best choice when you prefer attaching and detaching the items from your custom lanyards. It’s as simple as squeezing the sides of it pushing it away or into the slot. This attachment has the “attach-detach” feature as well, yet found at the opposite side and to prop you up in removing your lanyard from your neck or wrist.

Another astonishing attachment that you can select is the slide size adjuster. It is installed at the top portion of your custom lanyards to help you adjust its length. You can easily shorten or lengthen the position of the object which is best when you are up to different tasks. In conjunction to that, two of the highly popular adjusters are the double-barrel slide and the bead. Either of the two would be highly versatile to your busy day.

Furthermore, a phone call or an email that you need to send is easily accessible with the cell phone holders. This attachment is similar to the quick-release buckle yet smaller. It comes with a nylon loop for you to slide into your phone. Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular. With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.

For you out there who are fond of the outdoors, the water bottle holder is a keeper. It comes with a rubber ring which is a highly durable material that can hold up to one liter of bottle. Aside from that, it has a ring made of rubber which is sewn to your custom lanyard—a favorable way to carry your refreshments around and still look stylish.

Finally, the breakaway connectors can also be chosen for your lanyard. These are also called safety lanyards that could easily come off your neck. This comes in male-female connectors that are made of plastic. The type of connector would depend on the type of lanyard you chose.

All in all, you may opt for the simple ones or anything that would be more useful to you. Once you picked your attachment, that’s the time you place your order. Just take note that all their products are made of high-quality materials and are available in the United States or around the globe. Hundreds of customers are truly satisfied with the products from top online printing companies.


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Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular.With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.


Appreciate Achievements with Custom Coins

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

You can make custom coins as special tokens to appreciate the achievements of employees or to mark a certain milestone they have reached within the company like the length of service they have rendered.

The idea of giving coins may sound new to you but whenever you give out a medal as an award, you are giving out a customized challenge coin molded with a small hole to accommodate the lanyard. These custom coins come in all sizes and shapes and you are not limited to having the round medal type that you usually see. It can be in the shape of your company logo. Your brand name can also be engraved or if design will permit, the brand name itself can be the shape of the coin. You can engrave anything you want on a coin to make it reflect the unique identity of the company.

custom coins

An employee receiving a coin will feel very much appreciated as he sees himself as an important part of the company. The employee will feel valued that he and his achievements are noticed and did not go to waste. It is a great way of telling a deserving employee that he did a good job. Whenever the employee sees the coin displayed on his desk at home, he will be reminding himself of a job well done. He will also be reminded to keep up the good work and continue doing it. He may also be motivated to further develop his skills and aim for a higher position in the company.

In any way custom coins are viewed, each coin serves as a positive tool not only as a reminder of past gains to boost self-esteem but also as a reminder of a bright future to boost the self-confidence of an employee of more possibilities to make his job and his life better for him and his loved ones. You can even make the coin more personalized for the employee by engraving his name on it. This will make it extra special for the employee as he identifies himself with the coin. The employee’s name engraved on the coin will engrave the special moment on his mind making the whole experience a priceless one.

Every employee in a company who made an impact through his labors deserves a more special token than just printed papers or other ordinary company items like pens, stationeries, jackets, shirts or caps. Plaques and certificates may still be given during awarding ceremonies but couple it with coins and you will make the event as something to be truly remembered. It will be a treasure chest of coins and the memories that go along with it. A trophy or plaque can be too big to store but coins can be kept in a small pouch or a pocket or even worn around the neck. Custom coins can last longer than paper. They will still be beautiful to look at and to hold long after the paper certificate has faded. Re-polishing a coin will renew not only its beauty but also the memories of the glorious past when the employee has received it.

Custom coins are small enough to be carried or worn so that your employees can flaunt it among friends or relatives and feel proud that they belong to a great company that recognizes their performance. They can brag about their achievements at any time and feel inspired and happy to continue to be of service to the company full of energy and enthusiasm. Keeping your employees happy means having more satisfied customers and more business and revenues will come. A coin can make all the positive difference in employee turnover.

Custom coins have migrated to the corporate world as well in recent years. And no wonder. They’re an excellent way to celebrate company milestones.