All about Flexible PCB Assembly

By Royal Larsen February 16th, 2015, under Electronics

There are two major classifications for printed circuit boards or PCB, which mainly depends on their substrates. These two classifications are the flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. In this article, the focus is on the flexible PCB.

A flexible PCB assembly is composed of a flexible laminate. The qualities and the raw materials of the laminate to be used are vital not just to the production procedure, but also to the overall functionality of the completed product. The flexible laminate is made up of copper foil and dielectric substrates.

The dielectric materials are classified into two kinds, which are utilized for flexible PCB:

1. Thermoplastics

After solidification, these materials will soften by means of heat stimulant, like polyester, polymers, fluorinated hydrocarbon, and so on.

2. Thermosetting Plastics

Examples of these materials include polyimide, polyacrylate, and many others.

How to choose a specific film depends on these factors:

PCB assembly- Flexible PCB assembly made from polyester films which render efficiency at a cheaper price, but with a decrease on the level of thermal resistance.

- Ultra High performance flexible PCB, particularly those intended for military purposes, are produced with polyimide films since they provide the finest functionality.

- Aramid non-woven fiber is inexpensive and carries a great electrical and mechanical attribute. This material, though, easily absorbs moisture.

- Fluorocarbon, is a high priced material and quite challenging to deal with.

This, however, provides the greatest dielectric qualities. This is largely used for controlling electrical resistance purposes.

Why is a flexible PCB needed?

The earlier versions of printed circuit boards were mainly rigid. However, in this contemporary period where technology has advanced significantly, the majority of people have already been crawling towards scaled-down objects. It is for this same reason that manufacturers of PCB felt the need to make their circuit board lightweight, slim, small, and densely wired. Flexible type of printed circuit boards had come to exist to resolve these needs and requirements. These are PCB that could be wired in a 3 dimensional manner and could be adjusted to fit into the available area.

How to make Flexible PCB assembly

1. Acquire thin polyimide sheets which are plated with on the two sides.

2. Cut the polyimide sheet into the necessary size. Make certain that the copper does not have any spot or smudge. The edges should not be bumpy or irregular as it could damage the printer in the future.

3. Get a solid ink printing device which is able to print using melted wax. Wax produces a coating on the copper, which subsequently serves as its shield while etching.

4. With the use of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, users can now draw the circuit diagram.

5. Utilize the printing device to print out this diagram on the polyimide sheet material. The printed parts are going to show up as copper tracks. Make use of dark colors that can be quickly distinguished like magenta or black.

6. Let this printed sheet be soaked in ferric chloride. This is called the etching stage. This is where ferric chloride becomes a copper etchant. The process may require around 30 minutes for the copper remnants to melt and for the polyimide to appear.

7. By this time, the circuit can already be installed. If necessary, cut it into smaller circuits or use it as is. Using lasers, drill some holes to be able to attach electronic parts. The circuit is currently prepared to solder.

Flex PCB assembly is easy to create and adaptable to use. However, complex equipment calls for first class printed circuit boards that can hold together for an extended period. The correct materials, correct drill, and technical know-how make a huge difference. For that reason, entrust the task solely to a specialist.

PCB assembly is a methodology which makes the PCB components mounted and soldered in the printed circuit board.

Tips to Build Stronger Talent Management

By Kathryn Hinson February 3rd, 2015, under Technology

Different organizations have different talent management needs, but somehow, they all boil to one goal – get the best talents and make sure that they stay. The following tips would allow any talent management agency to make sure that it is reaching that specific objective.

Be Aware of the Talent that You Need

One of the worst mistakes that the human resources department can make is to be not aware of what kind of personnel is missing from the organization that it serves. Some fail to recognize that recruitment is not just all about hiring another employee; rather, it is to get the best individual that is most likely to succeed within the organization. At the same time, it is also to be aware of the kind of individuals that head hunters would go after.

talent managementAt the same time, the awareness of the needed talent would also allow the management to devise training and assessment strategies that can allow existing talent to mold into the kind of employee that they need to fill in positions. It would also allow the management to understand the potential of the personnel that they already have, which makes them offer more career options for their top players.

Realize Strengths

Assessments are done to discover two things – the strengths and weaknesses of a talent. Discovering the strengths of an individual and putting focus on what he can do would make a bigger difference than exposing one’s weaknesses. It is better to find out how a person can be a zero-to-hero phenomenon than the other way around.

Realizing what a person can possibly good at allows a person to not only retain a talent, but also do help him develop himself to such a point that he becomes a very valuable asset. It is always better for the organization how it can use its personnel in certain positions, and it is the talent manager’s job to make sure that employees know where they are useful. That knowledge alone drives them to improve their weak points and develop the strong ones.

Make Room for Diversity

Any talent management department should understand that not all talented individuals are groomed the same way – one way or another, they all became skilled assets because of differing factors, and there is no single way for them to develop within an organization. When managers recognize that there would be some talents that can be underrepresented for factors that they cannot control, they devise different ways in order for them to find out the true skills of these talents. By discovering the unique way of honing their skills, they would be able to be noticed and further grow. At the same time, it also makes these individuals understand their value in the organization they belong to.

Make the Talent Aware of the Challenges

Not all talents, no matter how they good they are in their jobs, are aware of what they can contribute to the growth of their organization. For this reason, managers should aim to always make talents know what is missing within the group. This prompts the employee to look for ways to develop new skills to fill in that void, and allow them to realize that they have leadership skills.

Excellent talent management involves awareness of not only how an employee can do his job well, but also the anticipation of what he can possibly do in the future. Being able to have accountability as a member of an organization to make sure that there are no stones unturned in pursuit of success are a mark that a talent is willing to work along with the business goals and fit into the company’s culture.

Get Your Brand Name Known with Neck Lanyards

By Edward Thompson February 3rd, 2015, under Product

Neck lanyards are simple but definitely effective marketing tools used by most businesses today. Companies need to have an excellent promotional campaign to be able to let the public gain awareness of their products and/or services. Marketing strategies can be tricky sometimes, not to mention expensive.

With corporate items like lanyards, your company is assured that you get your message across to your target audience. Neck lanyards are simple promotional tools that can be worn around the neck. They are usually made from plastic, vinyl, or woven materials.


A lanyard is just a cord that can be lugged around the neck, shoulder, or wrist. Its purpose is to hold important items like ID cards, badges, and name tags. They are visible to everyone which allows your company to reach a wider audience.


Lanyards have long been used for identification cards. However, they have evolved into a more versatile office tool. They are now used for name tags. Some people use them for their cellular phones, keys, and other small items that are often misplaced. No longer should one worry about misplacing these items or overstuffing their bags to look for them.

Double Purpose

Neck lanyardsGiving neck lanyards to employees and/or customers as giveaways or tokens hits two birds with one stone. Aside from making them feel that the company is concerned about their comfort and needs, your company name/logo becomes visible to everyone that the wearer comes in contact with. Your advertisement would be working for you even after the recipients got them.

Give Employees Pride

Customized neck lanyards give your employees a sense of pride and belongingness to a particular company. Employees would proudly wear their lanyards with your company logo, especially if they encounter friends and colleagues from other companies with ordinary-looking lanyards.

Customized lanyards give them a sense of identity. These lanyards also encourage loyalty of your employees to your company. This is good for your company because productivity might increase and this will result in further growth of your business.

The Best Marketing Tool

Businesses customize their lanyards by having their company name and/or logo imprinted or weaved on the lanyards. Customizing them to give as corporate gifts does not require a lot of work.

Companies show their existing and target customers that they care and value their patronage by giving them their needs. Giving corporate gift items to their customers can be considered as the best marketing tool without having to use up your limited company budget. This is because people, no matter how small and simple the tokens are like to receive something free.

The usefulness of these giveaways is one reason enough as to why recipients will remember your brand name. Lanyards provide you with the name recall that you need.


Lanyards work because they are inexpensive and yet fulfill their purpose of promoting your brand name.

Some companies fail with their marketing strategies because they assume that giving free gifts to customers needs to be expensive. However, these companies fail to realize the fact that people welcome free items, no matter how small they may be.

Create Great Impact through Neck Lanyards

There is some truth to what some people say that small things usually create more impact. If employees are given promotional lanyards, it creates in them a high level of responsibility and seriousness in terms of how they see their roles in the organization. These two factors, responsibility and seriousness, can work to your company’s advantage.

Your company gains an upper hand in getting high profile customers to trust your brand. As your company is able to build a better reputation, this also opens more doors for investors to take an interest on your business.

To this day Neck Lanyards are still increasing in popularity and have become an essential security component of many businesses.

Focusing On What A Good SEO Reseller May Provide For Your Site

By Terry Monroe February 2nd, 2015, under SEO

There is a lot of conjecture involved with internet marketing. Some things work better than others, and some don’t work at all. Finding out what is going to work for your site is a matter of leveraging several different elements overall. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage, however, if you are not looking at what professional grade options do. If you are going to hire a professional to help you, make sure that you pay attention to what they are doing and how they are doing it. There’s nothing worse than hiring a SEO Reseller and finding out that they’ve done nothing more than give you a bit of a push in terms of traffic. The cost may rise to a whole new level of marketing collateral, if you’re not careful, so make sure that you look at the right elements and focus on hiring the right company for you.

The right company for your needs may be the one that you are not suspecting. You have to focus on several elements when you’re going to hire someone, especially when it comes to the world of internet marketing. You can’t rely on the focus that is given to you by just searching online for simple keywords and placements. Some keywords may garner you more results than you expect, and that’s not a good thing. Imagine looking online for SEO Reseller, and getting one hundred thousand links. How do you determine which is going to give you the most bang for your buck?

It’s within the parameters of that question that many people find themselves lost as to how to move forward with their internet marketing collateral. If you’re wondering what to do and how to line up the right business for your needs, then it’s time to look at a few simple elements that could help you gain leverage moving forward.

Content Creation

SEO ResellerThe first thing that you should be looking for in regards to a professional grade marketing company is content creation. Content is a good thing, and in some arenas it’s the best thing. Without this in place, you’re going to end up losing out big time. Content is king, and it will always be a part of the major elements in place for internet marketing collateral. You will need to focus on building the right components here, specifically within the leveraging of ideas that are placed in certain keywords. Without keyword placement, density in content, and publishing, you are not going to get anywhere.

Content marketing relies heavily on a variety of different components, and it is definitely not as simple as some people make it out to be. Whether you have a blog or a main site for something larger, you will find that you need to focus on delivering several elements into the marketing channels that align your niche. If not, you’re going to sink through a hole in the search engine listings, and that’s never a good thing to deal with.

Social Integration

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way we all communicate, but it’s also a way that businesses can market themselves to the masses. It’s something that is definitely worth looking into as it can bring about serious traffic, and links. Links through this type of media are difficult at first glance, but you’ll notice that they can build on a lot of different levels. It’s a matter of focusing on how to build an audience through the sharing, commenting, and status updates that will drive the most attention to your page. This is something that a professional SEO Reseller can do for you, building on several components that could very well change the way you see the future of your own marketing.

If you are integrating the content that you have with social media, you are going to see a huge jump in leverage and traffic overall. It’s something that most people don’t really understand at first glance, but it’s something that is definitely worth denoting as a whole. If you skip on this completely, you are not going to be keeping up with the right elements at play.

The Minutia

Search engine optimization is sometimes spoken up as bigger terminology and you lose sight of the bigger picture. The thing that you should know is that there are certain elements of minutia that you need to keep in mind. You cannot get going anywhere if you’re going to end up doing just the larger strokes of marketing and not the minutia that needs a bit of help. The minutia includes link generation, keyword selecting, content publishing, and much more. This is all a matter of focus on several components overall.

If you’re going to hire a good SEO Reseller, then make sure that you take your time. Do not rush through the selection process because you’re going to end up losing out big time. The focus of your marketing collateral should allow you to gain a certain grade of focus as you are building towards a positive outcome on the other end. It takes time, but it should manifest some results somewhat soon, if you just find the right company to work with.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Storage Container

By Kristine Dougherty January 30th, 2015, under Logistics

Storage containers are also known as freight containers. An organized way of shopping for a Storage container can save you time and effort. The question is: how are you going to do this? It’s simple. All you need to do is consider the following factors:


Even before you look for a freight container, you already have an idea as to where you are going to use it. Some buyers shop first before laying out a plan regarding the modification and use of the freight container. By doing so, they were not able to make the most out of their purchased storage containers

Businessmen shop for storage containers to have a place to keep their items – be it products, raw materials or even waste. Apart from storage, these can also be utilized to ensure a secured shipment of goods and waste alike.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the storage containers. With creativity and modification, a Storage container can be transformed into another room. It can be attached to your home. It can also be designed as a stand-alone structure.

Storage containerKnowing its use will help you determine which size is right for your needs. The smaller ones are the best choices for restrooms and storage. On the other hand, the longer storage containers can be transformed into mobile homes. A living room, half kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and restroom can fit easily in a 40 ft. long freight container. The typical 20 ft. long storage containers can accommodate several home areas as well if space-saving schemes are employed.

Previous Utility

Due to the higher prices of newly-made and slightly used storage containers, the secondhand storage containers are the available options for buyers who want to save money. Being secondhand items does not necessarily entail less quality products and more prone to hazards. If you want to improve the quality and guarantee your safety, you can ask about the history of the freight container.

Avoid freight containers that are previously used to ship meat and other animal products. These tend to have intolerable smell even after years of non-use. If the inside of the freight container smells unpleasant, don’t buy it. There is a great chance that the smell won’t go away easily. If you buy it, the smell will be a hassle even to workers who will do the modification of the freight container. You may even need a lot of air fresheners as well.

Aside from meat products, you have to stay away from storage containers that contained some fresh goods such as fruits and vegetables. These may also leave strong smell behind, especially if there are rotten goods.

Most of all, don’t consider freight containers that shipped waste before. This kind of freight containers can expose you to chemicals and pathogens alike.

The best Storage container to buy is one that is previously used to ship dry goods. These dry goods include bags, school supplies, and kitchen wares. Avoid storage containers used to ship secondhand personal items such as clothes and shoes. These items may leave microorganisms as well.

Modifications Needed

Modifications are done to make your Storage container the most suitable solution to your needs. However, these can also consumer much of your budget.

Before modifying anything, repairs must be done first. Holes should be sealed or patched. Rust should be removed. Ventilation should be made available. You may also need to apply another layer of paint to make it more pleasant-looking.

State and Federal Laws Regarding Storage Containers

Make sure you are allowed to use a Storage container in your area. Aside from that, there are also laws stating the requirements you need to meet to be able to buy, use and modify a freight container. Some of these requirements are space and inspection.


Attachments in Your Lanyards

By Anthony Caldwell January 23rd, 2015, under Product

Every lanyard must have an attachment to carry your knick-knacks in place. These metal attachments are highly essential as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and preferences, here is a list of lanyard hardware that suits you and your personality.

The most common lanyard hardware of all is the J-Hook. You can choose from different sizes and styles as they come in swivel and non-swivel materials to be added in your custom lanyards. They can be used to hold objects with round attachment holes including keys, identification cards even pens and cell phones. You name it.

Custom LanyardsOnline businesses are booming with their lanyard companies and have the traditional bulldog clips which are designed to hold objects having oblong-shaped attachment holes. These are available in various shapes and sizes as well. You can definitely make use of them as an effective hardware attachment.

Additionally, split rings are also another way of completing your custom lanyards. Primarily, you can use this to hold your keys yet you have other ways to take advantage of this piece of metal. In a nutshell, this attachment is used to attach other holders like the bulldog clip and badge reels.

The quick-release which looks more of a pocket-size buckle is your best choice when you prefer attaching and detaching the items from your custom lanyards. It’s as simple as squeezing the sides of it pushing it away or into the slot. This attachment has the “attach-detach” feature as well, yet found at the opposite side and to prop you up in removing your lanyard from your neck or wrist.

Another astonishing attachment that you can select is the slide size adjuster. It is installed at the top portion of your custom lanyards to help you adjust its length. You can easily shorten or lengthen the position of the object which is best when you are up to different tasks. In conjunction to that, two of the highly popular adjusters are the double-barrel slide and the bead. Either of the two would be highly versatile to your busy day.

Furthermore, a phone call or an email that you need to send is easily accessible with the cell phone holders. This attachment is similar to the quick-release buckle yet smaller. It comes with a nylon loop for you to slide into your phone. Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular. With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.

For you out there who are fond of the outdoors, the water bottle holder is a keeper. It comes with a rubber ring which is a highly durable material that can hold up to one liter of bottle. Aside from that, it has a ring made of rubber which is sewn to your custom lanyard—a favorable way to carry your refreshments around and still look stylish.

Finally, the breakaway connectors can also be chosen for your lanyard. These are also called safety lanyards that could easily come off your neck. This comes in male-female connectors that are made of plastic. The type of connector would depend on the type of lanyard you chose.

All in all, you may opt for the simple ones or anything that would be more useful to you. Once you picked your attachment, that’s the time you place your order. Just take note that all their products are made of high-quality materials and are available in the United States or around the globe. Hundreds of customers are truly satisfied with the products from top online printing companies.


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Custom lanyards with cell phone holders either for your neck or wrist are becoming extremely popular.With all the delightful innovations of mobile phones which are becoming smaller and smaller, this attachment would definitely let you stay in style.


Appreciate Achievements with Custom Coins

By Derek Swanson January 22nd, 2015, under Military

You can make custom coins as special tokens to appreciate the achievements of employees or to mark a certain milestone they have reached within the company like the length of service they have rendered.

The idea of giving coins may sound new to you but whenever you give out a medal as an award, you are giving out a customized challenge coin molded with a small hole to accommodate the lanyard. These custom coins come in all sizes and shapes and you are not limited to having the round medal type that you usually see. It can be in the shape of your company logo. Your brand name can also be engraved or if design will permit, the brand name itself can be the shape of the coin. You can engrave anything you want on a coin to make it reflect the unique identity of the company.

custom coinsAn employee receiving a coin will feel very much appreciated as he sees himself as an important part of the company. The employee will feel valued that he and his achievements are noticed and did not go to waste. It is a great way of telling a deserving employee that he did a good job. Whenever the employee sees the coin displayed on his desk at home, he will be reminding himself of a job well done. He will also be reminded to keep up the good work and continue doing it. He may also be motivated to further develop his skills and aim for a higher position in the company.

In any way custom coins are viewed, each coin serves as a positive tool not only as a reminder of past gains to boost self-esteem but also as a reminder of a bright future to boost the self-confidence of an employee of more possibilities to make his job and his life better for him and his loved ones. You can even make the coin more personalized for the employee by engraving his name on it. This will make it extra special for the employee as he identifies himself with the coin. The employee’s name engraved on the coin will engrave the special moment on his mind making the whole experience a priceless one.

Every employee in a company who made an impact through his labors deserves a more special token than just printed papers or other ordinary company items like pens, stationeries, jackets, shirts or caps. Plaques and certificates may still be given during awarding ceremonies but couple it with coins and you will make the event as something to be truly remembered. It will be a treasure chest of coins and the memories that go along with it. A trophy or plaque can be too big to store but coins can be kept in a small pouch or a pocket or even worn around the neck. Custom coins can last longer than paper. They will still be beautiful to look at and to hold long after the paper certificate has faded. Re-polishing a coin will renew not only its beauty but also the memories of the glorious past when the employee has received it.

Custom coins are small enough to be carried or worn so that your employees can flaunt it among friends or relatives and feel proud that they belong to a great company that recognizes their performance. They can brag about their achievements at any time and feel inspired and happy to continue to be of service to the company full of energy and enthusiasm. Keeping your employees happy means having more satisfied customers and more business and revenues will come. A coin can make all the positive difference in employee turnover.

Custom coins have migrated to the corporate world as well in recent years. And no wonder. They’re an excellent way to celebrate company milestones.